Superstar Saturdays – Danu5ik

Part of our Superstar Saturday line-up. Danu5ik 5ik Beats Radio Show.

5ik Beats is a radio show mixed by DJ Danu5ik that throws down today’s hottest music. Whether your musical taste is EDM tracks or some of today’s best dance and pop, you are sure to enjoy these 5ik beats

Danu5ik is an upcoming international EDM DJ and producer from London. A gifted musician, writer and performer, his music embodies dynamic beats, hypnotic vocals, and an overall infectious nature that captivates his audience. With the ability to have an ever lasting impact and bring energy to any room he plays in, it is always an experience when he touches the turntables.

You can hear the Danu5ik 5ik Beats Radio Show every Saturday on Shuffle Radio at 6pm

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