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Private J Live

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Timezone: BST [UTC+1]
12:00 am - 2:00 am

About the Show

Private J brings you 2 hours of today’s best music along with all the gossip you’ll love. Live and Direct from Down Under

Private J has always been around music, Starting in radio at the age 13 in his hometown, during his time he’s co-hosted, hosted and produced shows. He’s interviewed newcomers to music and big headline acts.

When he’s not making shows, Private J listens to music, always looking for something fresh, no Genres off limits. His playlist has everything from Hans Zimmer to Drake and everything in between!

honestly. to keep it the most real.
i used to be a real piece of shit on here. i come from the internet. i was once one of the biggest trolls. as i got older i realized how fucking corny that is and been trying the longest for the past couple years to change my image and help ppl

i take not only music but the business of music very serious. i live and die by this shit. i’ve sacrificed for so long and been working at this shit everyday for over 10 years. i worked my ass off to get into this position and all i wanna do now is help more people get here.

the whole purpose of internet money is to provide hope for people who thought they’d never have a chance at making it in the industry. i give nothing but opportunity and only ask people to love music and take it as serious as i do.. because it deserves that.

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