A New Shuffle Radio, A New Shuffle 2

We’ve been busy making some exciting changes to Shuffle Radio ….

Firstly, let’s turn to Shuffle Radio ;

  • We’re turning our attention to the hits of today, along with the best of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, Classic hits can now be heard on our new sister station, Shuffle 2
  • We’ve banished the adverts ! – We now play continuous hits, making more room for the music !
  • We’re now available on Tune-In again – this is a welcome move back to the popular radio player, so you’ll be able to easily tune in on your favourite Smart Device or Smart TV with ease.
  • We’ve moved to a new streaming provider, meaning the end to those pesky gremlins we’d suffered from recently.

Secondly, we welcome the launch of Shuffle 2 ;

  • A new complimentary station to Shuffle Radio, playing just great music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the best of today’s hits too.
  • Some of the shows you may have previously listened to on Shuffle Radio have made the move to our new station, such as “At The Movies” and “Funktastic”
  • Our previously launched ‘Shuffle Gold’ station will merge with Shuffle 2

Both stations are currently on-air in a soft launch, and we are currently in the progress of switching all of our “listen live” links to the new stream, and adding Shuffle 2 to our existing broadcast partners directories.

Listen Live

You’ll find the main link to listen to your desired station on the top of each page. Click on the ‘Listen Live’ button to launch our new RadioPlayer.

We’re working our way through our Broadcast partners directories, working with them to update our streams. You may find that until all updates are completed you will be directed to the Shuffle 2 stream by default. If you wish to tune in to the ‘New Shuffle Radio’, please try a different link/app.

You may have to change or edit your saved favourites/links.

We hope to bring you more exciting developments, including new shows, and new features, so keep watching the station websites for updates. If you have any feedback, get in contact !