Podcasting lets you automatically receive the latest podcast editions of Shuffle Radio as soon as they are available. You can take your favourite edition with you on the move and listen wherever and whenever you like.

You can still listen to Shuffle Radio online, but Podcasting is ideal if you want to listen to us while you walk the dog, do the daily commute, or even the housework. You just download the ShuffleCast to your smartphone,iPod or MP3 player and play where and when you wish.


You can download the latest podcast directly from our website.

At the bottom of each podcast page you’ll see the ‘download’ button  – click on this button to download directly to your computer. From here you can either transfer to your MP3 player, or play via your installed media player.


Subscribing is the easiest way to get the latest edition downloaded automatically, you can subscribe easily by using one of the following links to subscribe directly on your device or desktop PC.

Subcribe on iTunes Subscribe on Android Subscribe by Email

Podcasting FAQs

Already listening to podcasts?

To subscribe to our podcasts, just copy and paste the URL below into your podcasting software:

New to podcasting?

Audio downloading (also known as mp3 downloading or subscribing to a podcast) enables you to download our podcast straight to your own computer. This can then be played directly from your computer at your leisure, or downloaded again to a portable player such as an iPod or any other mp3 player, giving you the choice to listen to it on the move.

Setting Up Your Smartphone

You’ll find many Podcasting apps available via your Smartphones App Store (either Google Play for Android or the AppStore for iPhones).
Download your chosen app and launch it.  If you are asked for a Podcast Address simply enter the URL address of the podcast ‘feed’: