Did You Get A Smartspeaker For Christmas ?

Did you get a smartspeaker for Christmas?

We’ve got some great news! – Did you know that you can listen to Shuffle Radio on your smart device – such as Alexa or Google Home.

Using Alexa, Enable the MyTunerRadio skill, and ask “Alexa, ask myTuner Radio to get me Shuffle Radio”

On Google Home, ask “Hey Google, stream Shuffle Radio from TuneIn.”

Did you know that you can also have some fun with your Alexa device too ? … try the following ..

Can you tell me a tongue twister?

Alexa knows a few tongue twisters, and she never seems to stumble over her words.

Can you sing?

Alexa has one song in her repertoire, and it begins: “Your circuits are fused, you’re feeling confused.” It’s no classic, but it does sound strangely like a Lily Allen song.

Can you beatbox?

Yes, she can, and she’s not too bad at it.

Can you rap?

Alexa is more than happy to spit a few lyrics. She seems to be a big fan of classic rap – if you tell her you’ve got 99 problems, she’ll respond with a nice little pun.

 Can you talk like Yoda?

Try her best to do this, she will.