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Private J brings you 2 hours of today’s best music along with all the gossip you’ll love.

Private J has always been around music, Starting in radio at the age 13 in his hometown, during his time he’s co-hosted, hosted and produced shows. He’s interviewed newcomers to music and big headline acts.

When he’s not making shows, Private J listens to music, always looking for something fresh, no Genres off limits. His playlist has everything from Hans Zimmer to Drake and everything in between!

“Tell Me How” is out now! The day I wrote this song, we said, “it’s crazy how when you go through a breakup, you go from having that person who is your best friend, to not speaking at all.” We wrote this song about the questions we would ask. Listen here:

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  • Monday - 12:00 am - 2:00 am

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