Let’s reflect on Camila Cabello’s shiny floor

There are shiny-floor shows, and there are shiny-floor shows. And then, via a performance of Never Be The Same on last night’s Tonight Show, there’s Camila Cabello’s shiny floor-show on a shiny-floor show: a no-messing-about superstar performance throws in a couple of shiny walls for good measure.
In ordinary circumstances Popjustice has a very low tolerance of ANY sort of love-is-a-drug metaphor-driven poplyricism because, frankly, in the tired metaphor stakes it’s as much of a tired metaphor as ‘tired metaphor’, but Camila takes things to such a ludicrous extreme in Never Be The Same — she literally namechecks HEROIN — that all bets are off, and this track has turned out to be something of a grower in the last few weeks.
If you haven’t yet clicked with the single, this could be the performance that tips you over the edge.

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