Interview with the radiator from the new Dua Lipa single sleeve

Dua Lipa’it new single is IDGAF, a song about not being very impressed by the romantic endeavours of a former ‘beau’.
Dua’s just released the video, which you can see here.

Video aside, the single campaign is sure to be dominated by the bold artwork, which features Dua shaving an armpit, and the star of the show is undoubtedly the unassuming radiator who’s watching the scene unfold.
Popjustice caught up with the radiator earlier this week to find out how the sleeve came about.

Hello! How are you?
Cold on the bottom, hot on the top, you know how it is.
Let’s not discuss our private lives. How did you come to be on the IDGAF single artwork?
Right place, right time! I was on a night out with friends and after a few drinks I needed to be bled so went to the bathroom and the rest is history. I tend to keep myself to myself most of the time so I don’t think Dua even noticed I was in the room for a while. I couldn’t believe it when I got the email saying I was going to be on the single sleeve.
Did you have any concerns about appearing topless?
I may be a bit chunkier

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