If you’re going to any of Lady Gaga’s UK tourdates you are in for a right old treat

Brian Samuelson Photography
We went to see Lady Gaga in Milan recently. Sorry this review-style #content is, strictly speaking, a week late, but the performance of Bloody Mary (this post contains spoilers by the way — she does Bloody Mary for a start) we saw that night was so incredible in so many different ways that for the last week it has been impossible to consider the events of that evening at the Mediolanum Forum without experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness and and knee-based wobbliness. It was, quite possibly, the best performance of Bloody Mary the world has seen or ever will ever see. There was smoke, fire and red leather. It was really good.
If you’re going to see Lady Gaga’s UK shows (which start tomorrow) you are in for ‘quite an evening’. And it’s one that begins and ends with a hat.
Back in the olden days Popjustice wrote 1 about the voluminous chapeau featured in Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night video. Hats make any situation amazing, of course, so you’d assume that by doubling the size of your hat you’d be nurturing a scenario twice as amazing as one where a regular size hat was present. And you’d also assume

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