Flyposterwatch: Years & Years, The 1975, James Bay

There is no sight more magnificent, no pop glory higher than a nicely presented array of pop-related flyposters. “There’s something cultural happening!” it says. “Here’s a slightly illegal and therefore politely anarchic advertisement for it.”
And there’s a real treat happening right now at the interesting end of Kensington High Street. Non-industry wankers might not realise this but all three of the UK’s major record labels live on the same street: Sony and Warner Music are at one end, where the decent shops are, with Universal situated a not-quite-worth-a-bus-but-too-far-to-enjoyably-walk distance down the road, where the most exciting shop is a Screwfix. But Universal is also nearer than the other labels to Westfield, so it’s swings and roundabouts.
Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.
1. Years & Years

Olly’s nose ring almost forms a comma in the band name. While we applaud Years & Years’ consistent use of an ampersand — an punctuational arrangement with which some bands would play fast and loose between campaigns, creating a sense of disorientation in fans and anger among others — one can’t help wondering if Years, and years, while being the same band name, might actually be a better band name.
In this poster Years & Years

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