In full: PM's Downing Street speech on coronavirus
Good evening, the struggle against COVID is the single biggest crisis the world has faced in my lifetime.

PM urges Britons to 'summon the discipline' to avoid second lockdown
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Britons to "summon the discipline and the resolve" to avoid a second national lockdown after warning there have been "too many breaches" of coronavirus rules.

UK records highest daily number of COVID-19 cases in four months
Another 4,926 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK - the highest daily figure since 7 May.

Plans to let people change gender without medical checks abandoned
The government has abandoned plans to let people officially change gender without medical checks - but ministers have promised to make the process cheaper and "more straightforward".

Scotland bans household visits as COVID-19 rules tightened
People in Scotland have been banned from visiting other households indoors, in tough new restrictions that go further than those announced for England.

Number of schools sending home pupils due to COVID quadruples in a week
The number of schools in England that are not fully open to students due to cases of COVID-19 has quadrupled in just a week, according to figures.


Entertainment News

Famous Friends episode to be re-enacted with all-black cast
One of the most famous episodes of Friends is set to be re-enacted with an all-black cast.

Theatre and hotels to be transformed into 'Nightingale courts' to help clear case backlog
A theatre and two hotels are to be converted into temporary courts to help clear a backlog of cases due to the pandemic.

'Things happened that never should have': Ellen DeGeneres apologises as show returns
Ellen DeGeneres has admitted things happened on the set of her show "that never should have" in a video monologue launching her latest series.

Jackie Stallone: Sylvester Stallone's mother and Big Brother star dies aged 98
Jackie Stallone, the mother of Hollywood actor Sylvester and one of Celebrity Big Brother's most memorable stars, has died aged 98.



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