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With the Shuffle Radio app you get the radio station you already enjoy, and so much more. You get a rich beautiful listening experience, complete with information on the current song playing.

Our app is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices – and is totally free to download !

It’s easy to install the app on your device, just click on the relevant logo below, or search for ‘Shuffle Radio’ in your chosen App Store !

available-on-the-app-store android-app store_blackberry

With our mobile app you can :

• Listen to Shuffle Radio live and on the move – now optimised for mobile connection
• Check out which songs playing right now
• Includes a brand new sleep timer
• Get direct access to Shuffle Radio video content
• Read all of our latest social media updates
• Access all of our ‘On Demand’ content.
• Download the song playing now on iTunes or Amazon

You can also find us on the Nobex Radio App :






The Shuffle Radio App is free to download but you should be aware that use of the App will involve a significant data download as with all streaming Apps. You should check that your tariff and coverage will cover this use.
If you are using Wi-Fi this will also involve significant download of data like other streaming applications. Please check your internet or mobile phone service  provider contract to ensure your capacity is not exceeded