New Music Friday: Poppy goes metal, Raye gets conversational, Pitbull reworks a summer hit, and more…

Notes on this week’s new releases:
P-o-p-p-y-she’s Poppy‘s new single, her best since I’m Poppy, sounds like Gary Numan doing Teenage Kicks. (Some brilliantly relatable reference points, there, for our teenage reader!) It works well alongside the new Christine and the Queens single — they come at pop from different angles but they’re both proof that popstars can have fun pushing sonic and visual boundaries.
EDIT: Thanks to Popjustice viewer Rebecca who has pointed out that, er, Poppy’s song literally is a Gary Numan cover. So in a way, well done to Popjustice Dot Com for spotting the Numanesque qualities, right? Right? Guys?
Raye‘s new single is probably her best solo track to date. There’s a great conversational element to the lyrics (“we could have been cool, well maybe not that cool, but I would’ve fucked with you and you know you would have too”) with some enjoyably dramatic pretend string swooshes in the chorus.
The Years & Years album is out today! Producers across this album include Greg Kurstin, Kid Harpoon, Mark Ralph, Jesse Shatkin, Olly Alexander (!), Steve Mac and Grades so they were clearly not fucking around with getting this one out the door. The best song on the album is

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