New Music Friday: Kim Petras releases her first superstar single

Notes on this week’s popular music efforts:

Following last week’s excellent Monsters it’s two-for-two in the whole ‘Saara Aalto gradually unveils the three songs she’s putting forward for Eurovision’ escapade. This one’s a simile-strewn semiballad about a wrecking ball hitting a domino, although surely the whole thing about the ‘falling like a domino’ image is that dominos famously fall quite easily and therefore wouldn’t require heavy duty shoving equipment?
The week’s best song comes from Kim Petras, who officially hit superstar status on January 25 with the release of the Faded video and is currently in the position of twiddling her thumbs while she waits for the rest of the world to catch up.
Hannah Jane Lewis has released a sparky new single called Aftershock, which is a tribute to everyone’s favourite morning tipple.
As usual Tracey Thorn is brilliant.
The new Chainsmokers single has some nice bits in it. Sick Boy, their last track, was quite interesting as well. Do you think that by the time their next album’s out they might have transformed into something fairly excellent? Look we’re just throwing ideas around here, nothing’s set in stone.
Fuck knows what’s happening in the new SOPHIE song.
And finally Muse have got a hilarious new single

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