Three’s a trend: remember the old days?

Hey readers! Do you remember the olden days? The widespread production and use of bronze — amazing!  The sad disintegration of Pangaea — great times! Opposable thumbs — what a day!
Well you are not alone in recalling Simpler Times because based on this week’s new releases today’s popstars also have strong memories of days gone by, or if they don’t then they can at least use Wikipedia, and referencing the songs previous civilisations once danced to is THE BIG NEW THING.

Anne-Marie’s 2002 is a strangely joyless celebration of childhood, namechecking Britney’s …Baby One More Time (1998), *NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye (2000), Nelly’s Ride Wit Me (2001) and Jay-Z’s 99 Problems (2004).
In some ways it’s almost impressive that someone could write a song celebrating 2002 in which precisely none of the referenced songs actually came out in that year, and it’s even more impressive that when she thinks back to 2002 Anne-Marie has such fond memories of a Jay-Z song that wouldn’t come out for another two years.

Incredibly Hello, the lead track from Prettymuch’s new EP, is the second of this week’s new releases to reference the same *NSYNC song: “used to be like ‘bye bye bye’, now you’re here and

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